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Gauteng Rabbit Breeders Association

The Home of the Commercial and Fancy Rabbit Breeds in Gauteng

Please contact us with requirements of breed you looking for as well as an area.                                                                  (Whats app works best. 0834444830 ) We will send you details of a breeder in your area.

list of GRBA members

list of Grba members


We divide member's into 2 goups.


Accredited Members

Non- Acredited Members.

to explain:

Everyone that joins becomes a Non- Accredited Member.

Once you have shown your rabbits at a few show - and we can see that your rabbits are conforming to the show standard and you are showing us that you are breeding and improving at shows, you will be come an Accredited Breeder.

This was started, as many join the GRBA, to be able to tell the public that they belong to our association, but we as a club cannot promise or recommend them, as we have not seen their rabbits ever....


A link will follow for you for our Members List.







Current breeders that exhibit at shows

Rabbitries and Breeds kept: 

Rabbitries  listed below attended last SHOW


Gatabi Rabbitry:  area: Walkerville, Breeds: Netherland Dwarf, Jersey Wooly, Hotot , Magpie, Harlequin, SA Angora, New Zealand white, New Zealand Red, Satin, Fox, Rex

Zenzele Farm:   - area: Hartebeespoort Breed: SA Phendula

SacreBleu Rabbitry -  - area - Sandton Breeds: Netherland Dwarfs, Jersey Woolies, Mini Rex, Rex

Watership down - are Jhb - Risana Breed: Flemish, Netherland Dwarfs, Jersey Woolies, Rex

Rabbitry 53 - Witbank Breed: Netherland Dwarfs

Lapin Soyeux  - Alberton, Breed: Netherland Dwarfs, Jersey wooly, Mini Rex, Silver Fox, New Zealand Red, New Zealand white

Adorable Bunnies  Breed: Jersey Wooly, Netherland Dwarfs

Mike Burnett - Breed:  Himalayan

2+3 Rabbitry - Hartebeespoort - breeds: New Zealands, Chinchilla Gigantas, Sa Phendula

Midlands Bunny Farm  - Breeds: Netherland dwarfs, Rex, English, Sa Angoras, Hotot, Fox