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Gauteng Rabbit Breeders Association

The Home of the Commercial and Fancy Rabbit Breeds in Gauteng



                                            Gauteng Rabbit Breeders Association


We encourage the breeding, exhibiting and improving of all recognised rabbit breeds. The Club caters for all - the specialist breeder, the pet bunny owner and the commercial rabbit producer. Regular Table Shows are held throughout the year. A Table Show is a meeting, to which members and visitors bring along their rabbits for judging and comment. Two Championship shows will be held in the year hosted by the GBRA. We do also encourage our members to take part in the rabbit shows held by the Natal Rabbit Club, namely The Royal Agricultural Show in May/June and also the separate Natal Rabbit Club Championship Show in Oct/Nov. All the rabbit shows are judged by a qualified All Breeds Judge, and are judged to the British Rabbit Council standards, with a few exceptions which are judged to standards supplied by their countries of origin.

There are 28 rabbit varieties being exhibited in South-Africa, divided into three categories: Fancy Breeds, Normal Fur Breeds and Rex coated varieties. Breeders work with a very small gene pool here as there is a ban on the importation of rabbits into the country.

For info on the Natal Rabbit Club - see seperate tab on website for contact details.




Membership is open to all - with junior members being encouraged.

What are the advantages of joining?


1.   Expanding your personal network of like-minded people. NETWORKING!

2.   Exchanging information with other breeders, across all topics relating to rabbits.

3.   Learning more about how to improve on the rabbits you have - as per the rabbit standards ( BRC and ARBA)

4.   We will hold informative and interesting Rabbit meetings. Also let us know what topics you are interested in - and we will try and get an expert on the topic to do a workshop for us.

5.   There is a whatsapp group we will join you on to.

6.   The Club is on the lookout for products and bulk purchase items to help members save money and assist with better husbandry practices. If you have a product that you make or that you know of, that we can sell or advertise on this website (rabbit related), please contact us.

8.   Our clubhouse is  at the Walkerville Showgrounds. This will be our "home" and permanent place to meet, have shows , and "for sale" days